Medical Testing for Mold Sickness

The Right Medical Testing the First Time Leads to the Right Treatment !
The American Centers for Environmental Science and Health wants your first visit to our facility to be meaningful and productive. If you are traveling from out of state you will be required to have several medical tests completed prior to your arrival, this way your medical treatment starts day one.

The American Centers for Environmental Science and Health examines your past and current symptoms, current diagnosis, or misdiagnosis and arranges for your testing to be done remotely prior to your visit. We know who you are before you walk through our doors.
We test for:

• Mycotoxicity 
• Fungal Colonization
• Yeast Colonization
• Invasive Fungal Infections
• Systemic Yeast Infections
• Allergic Reactions
• Secondary Metabolites

 • Mycobacterium

The tests you will receive are based upon your personal needs and symptoms.
Many medical facilities due to a lack of scientific understanding commonly “over-test” their patients for propensity genes and inflammatory markers, which have little to nothing to do with the protocol a patient will receive for medical care and recovery.