Mold Co-Exposures

Co-Exposure: A simultaneous exposure to multiple pathogens

Rarely, a patient visits our facility and has only one environmental insult to their body. Environmental exposures to mold / fungi, or other pathogens in a contaminated environment are a complex science.

Many patients may have combinations of fungal and yeast colonizing within their bodies, along with multiple types of mycotoxins. The presence of bacteria, mycobacterium and endotoxins is also of great concern as there are many types of environmental bacteria that are synergistic with fungal growth in indoor water damaged structures and are disease causing pathogens as well.

When a patient exhibits multiple symptoms the likelihood of co-exposure is almost 100%.

The American Centers for Environmental Science and Health recognizes the symptoms of c- exposures and can effectly treat for multiple symptoms and the diseases caused by fungal exposure, their secondary metabolites and environmental bacteria.