Mycotoxins are the "bio-toxins" (poisons) produced by various species of fungi / mold. Just like a rattle snake produces "venom", which is its bio-toxin, fungi / mold produces its own bio-toxins which are called "Mycotoxins".

There are many different types of mycotoxins and this is what makes treating patients for mold exposure difficult.

See a List of Mycotoxins and Mold Species "Click here"

Mycotoxicity is the state where it has been determined that a patient has tested positive for elevated levels of mycotoxins in their body and those mycotoxins have caused a genetic change, symptoms to arise, or a disease to develop.

The ability to understand the interactions of Mycotoxins within the human body is only one reason The American Centers of Environmental Science and Health has one of the highest rates of recovery from mold exposure.