Office Policy

All patients MUST abide by our office policies. Our facility provides treatment for many people with sensory integration disorders and chemical sensitivities. All patients are required to comply with our “No Fragrance Policy”.  No Fragrance includes, but is not limited to the following:
· Colognes 
· Perfumes 
· Scented hair products 
· Lotions 
· Fabric softener 
· Fruit scented candy or chewing gum 
· Cigarettes 
· Cigars 
· All non smoking tobacco products
· Scented deodorant and antiperspirants
We also require all persons accompanying a patient to please comply with our no fragrance policy as well. 

Office Appointments
If for any reason you cannot make your scheduled appointment we greatly appreciate the courtesy of a telephone call as early as possible. We reserve the right to retain the a two hundred fifty dollar ($250.00) appointment reservations fee for appointments not cancelled within forty eight (48) hours of the scheduled appointment time.
Prior to Your First Appointment Please Remember to Fill Out and "Submit" the Following Documents. "Click here"