Understanding Bio-Film Produced by Mold

Bio-Film and Mold

Understanding the production of bio-film from mold,bacteria and yeast is key in understanding how to rid the body of pathogens from the sinuses, lungs and other parts of the human body.

Bio-film is produced by certain species of fungus / mold, bacteria, and some forms of yeast. These pathogens secrete a slime, or protective coating around themselves protecting them from other environmental pathogens, which would attack or disable them. Since pathogens within the bio-film are protected by the bio-film they have no direct contact with the blood, therefore any anti-fungal, or bacterial medications rarely have an effect on those protected pathogens. This is why many people suffer multiple sinus surgeries, over and over again, as the surgeon failed to remove all of the bio-film from the sinus cavities allowing regrowth to occur.

Many times
bio-film will harbor not just fungus / mold but also in the same bio-film it is common to find fungus / mold, bacteria and yeast growth.

The American Centers for Environmental Science and Health understands how to pierce the bio-film, and provide the appropriate treatment helping our patients avoid painful sinus surgery.