What is Mold Sickness?

What has Really Happened to you?     What is "Mold Sickness"?

The term "poisoned" is understood by most people, however, it is an inaccurate term when applied to mold / fungus, or bacteria, as poisons are man made.

Mold / fungus just like bee's, snakes, spiders and other living organisms produce "bio-toxins". One example is that a snake is a living organism, its venom is not. The venom is the bio-toxin which the snake produces, just as mold spores produce their bio-toxins known as "mycotoxins" and bacteria produce their bio-toxins known as "endotoxins".

These bio-toxins are secondary metabolites produced by fungi /mold and bacteria are microscopic, they enter the human body through inhalation and ingestion by landing on the food you eat, or are breathed in and enter the lungs, the blood stream, sinuses, the brain, or are absorbed through the skin.

Exposure to indoor water damaged or mold contaminated environments can yield "co-exposures" meaning having more than one "pathogen" (disease causing elements to human beings) harbored within your body. Rarely, is it only one substance in the case of environmental / mold exposures that are responsible for the onset of illness or disease. Recovery is easy once we have isolated what has happened to you and what bio-toxins are present in your body causing your illness.

The American Centers for Environmental Science and Health understands how to identify these pathogens and toxins which create co-exposures and provide the treatment necessary to put you and your family onto the road to recovery