Mold Sickness Rates of Patient Recovery

The First Thing Most Patients Ask is: "When Will I Begin to Recover?"

In the case of mold exposure your recovery time will vary depending upon several factors:
· What type of exposure did you encounter, i.e. Long term high levels, short term high levels, long term   
  low levels, or short term low levels.
· If you have an invasive fungal or yeast infection (IFI).
· If you suffered an allergic reaction.
· If you have an auto-immune condition.
· Your body mass index rating.
· How much physical activity you receive.
· If you are suffering from a co-exposure.

The results of our treatment methods have been proven to provide faster and more effective results than other treatments. Many patients report feeling better after thirty days, others have reported a steady recovery over a period of several months.

Our average documented time to recovery for the majority of our patients is usually five (5) to eight (8) weeks. There is a small percentage which require advanced protocol modification, and a small percentage of or patients between three (3) to five (5) percent have extended recovery times due to long term exposure and acute neuropathy.